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Central Broward Water Control District, formerly known as Central Broward Drainage District, (and originally created as the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Drainage District) dates back to the early part of the 20th century.  The region was then nothing more than a vast wetland prairie commonly referred to as the "Florida Wastelands. (State Archives photo, right) The District was created at a time when Florida needed agricultural industry, and the Army Corps of Engineers set about to make that happen by digging an extensive network of canals.

Over time, increased growth and development occurred within this region and this led to a reduction of the natural flood plain. A massive collection and pumping system was soon established to carry away floodwaters. Decades later, it is this same canal network that helps to provide us with protection against floods.  

Today, the district continues to maintain and operate its secondary storm water drainage system in order to help provide its residents with effective flood control. However, the district must continue to accomplish this faced with the stresses imposed upon it by continued growth and development within the region.  

Furthermore, growing concern about the negative impact of storm water runoff upon our fragile environment has prompted the district to implement its public outreach campaign. With increased public awareness and understanding of these issues, the district strives to continue to meet the changing needs of the communities it serves, as well as our natural environment.

What's in a name?

The Napoleon B. Broward Drainage District was created in 1917 pursuant to 7430, Laws of Florida for the purposes defined therein; and thereafter in 1961 by Chapter 61-1439, Laws of Florida,  the Florida Legislature created the Central Broward Drainage District as the successor to the Napoleon B. Broward Drainage District.  It was later amended by Chapters 65-1006, 67-1002, 69-528, 70-479, 71-388, 72-486, 79-432, 80-462, 82-268, 85-388, 86-359, 86-363, 87-506, 88-523, 91-350, 94-426 and 96-536, Laws of Florida.  The name change to Central Broward Water Control District was accomplished by chapter 96-536, Laws of Florida.  Re-codification was accomplished by Chapter 98-501, Laws of Florida and by said legislative acts, Central Broward Water Control District is authorized to acquire lands for the installation of ditches, canals, dams and other facilities as may be necessary.

Photograph of one of the District's canals, known then as the Napoleon B. Broward
Drainage District.  Photo from District Archives.

1916 Back To Broward Political Cartoon

From the District's Archives is this photo of an early Seminole rowing past a sign
signaling the early development of western Broward County.  The photo is not dated,
but some historians place it in the 1930s.

S2 Pump Station, Circa 1950s

Tindall Hammock Pump Station, 2005.